There is no health without mental health.

- Dr. Brock Chisholm

       How do you know when you need to speak with a mental health professional?  If feelings of sadness or anxiety affect more than one aspect of your life, it's probably time.  Examples: Does anxiety creep in at work?  Are you doing something fun, but feel blue for no reason?  Other signs that you need support with your mental health may include: eating past fullness, indecision, low energy, feelings of hopelessness, mood swings, thoughts of self-harm, or increased use of alcohol or marijuana. 

       The mission of Bluebird Counseling Center is to provide competent and compassionate counseling  services to adults who are looking to lead happier, more productive lives. 
       In addition to counseling services, Anne also specializes in healing from diet culture and Intuitive Eating.  She takes a non-judgmental approach to exploring clients' relationships to food and their bodies.  After implementing the principles of Intuitive Eating, many clients report feeling less anxiety around food and increased self-esteem.  Get in touch to learn more.




"Things that are happening to us don't make us unloveable."

-Jonathan Van Ness

"Anxiety & depression are impervious to accolades and achievements."

-Kristen Bell

"Choosing to go to therapy is a form of strength."



15 min FREE consultation by phone or via confidential video conferencing

Psychotherapy is $150 per 50 min session.

Telehealth sessions are available via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to clients living in Florida and Virginia only.

 We are in-network with Cigna in Florida. 

Monthly statements or "superbills" are provided for those clients interested in pursuing out of network benefits through other health insurance providers. 



Healing from Diet Culture™ Coaching services are available via telehealth worldwide.  Weekly coaching sessions are 50 minutes.

One 50-minute coaching session $120

Six 50-minute coaching sessions $660


Twelve 50-minute coaching sessions $1200



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