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5 Self-Care Strategies for Busy Women

1. Be aware of your breath. In our crazy world, it is SO easy to get disconnected from your body. When you remember, even for a minute, that you are a wonderful, breathing, being with a heartbeat it helps you to live inside your body, be grounded, and stay present.

2. Ask for a hug. You must ask someone that you actually like or this isn't going to work. 5 seconds of contact with another human can lower blood pressure, help you to regulate your breathing and promotes calmness. When you ask for what you need, it also helps you sharpen those self-advocacy skills. Your body gets the message that you are able to ask for something when you need it. Yay for building internal trust!

3. Make an appointment for a haircut, a massage, a manicure, SOMETHING. Self-care doesn't always mean immediate gratification. Studies have shown that just having something to forward to can produce just as much joy and doing the actual activity! This means that if you plan to have a manicure on Thursday, Monday - Wednesday are also looking a little brighter.

4. Don't discount friend time. We all want to be the best partner, mommy, and daughter, but having a coffee (or a cocktail) with someone outside of your family does wonders for your self-identity. Getting together with your friend(s) is a powerful way to build your community and support network. You also probably also need to vent about your family. Luckily, trusted friends were built for this purpose.

5. Remind yourself that you are doing a great job. It may be best to do this in the car or at least out of earshot of anyone who would judge you for talking to yourself. Literally say out-loud that you are amazing and that no one on Earth could fill your role quite the way you do. Do this because it's TRUE and you deserve to hear it more often.

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