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Finding Your Passion

Many clients find themselves drawn to therapy for help with their career. Some want help choosing the right path, rekindling their motivation, getting to the next level, or switching careers to follow a new calling. Whatever the case, a trained therapist can help guide clients suss out their hearts' desires and get moving in the right direction. Here are some tips to find your perfect job fit:

Think Outside the Traditional: Most of the jobs that exist today did not exist 10 years ago. We never could have predicted how technology would change the job landscape so drastically in such a short amount of time. Growing up, we are only taught about traditional jobs like fireman, teacher, and doctor. Careers like "User Experience Expert" or "Travel Blogger" aren't emphasized in preschool. Time to grow up and see the possibilities! Many people make their living in non-traditional ways, which also affords them the opportunity to travel, work off hours, and blaze new trails.

Mix It Up: Your perfect career may include more than one passion. In today's market, having multiple revenue sources is an amazing way to diversify income and mitigate risk. Say you love the thought of opening a coffee shop, but also love flowers. Where is the rule book that says you must pick? A coffee shop that also sells flowers could be a major hit! Don't be afraid to play around with new and different ideas that may not have been combined before.

Prepare to Founder: Some degree of failure can be expected when trying something new. Whether a new business or a new job, you won't be perfect right out of the gate. Plan for an adjustment period where you might feel WAY outside your comfort zone. The hero's journey includes some dark times, and this is part of the process. The reward of a fun and fulfilling career is waiting on the other side. How many people can say they actually love what they do? If you want to be part of those lucky few, stick to what you know is right for you. A shiny new career is waiting for you. Get the guidance, put in the work, and find the thing that's right for you.

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