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Why Empowering Women Matters

The importance of women in our society cannot be overstated. Women are more likely to take on child-rearing responsibilities, volunteer in our communities, and even graduate from college as compared to their male counterparts. Women take on so many important roles, and yet some women fear using their voice to speak up for the things that they want and deserve. From an overdue raise to a mutually respectful relationship, it's hard for many women to ask for their needs and preferences to be honored. This is where counseling can make a difference.

When women seek out mental health services, they are taking a critical step in their self-care. Just making an appointment to speak with a professional can feel selfish, as if she is not worthy of using resources such as time and money to cater to her needs. When women enter a therapeutic relationship, there are often still vestiges of their unhealthy dynamics in the form of self-criticisms, doubt, feelings of unworthiness, and tearing down themselves down. Over time, working with a counselor can help alleviate this internal bashing and help the client to replace these thoughts with more positive self-talk. Setting realistic goals, identifying barriers to success, role-playing, and finding solutions is a collaborative process that the client and therapist complete together.

If you or someone you know could possibly benefit from some women-centered empowerment counseling, get in touch with Bluebird Counseling Center to learn how we can help.

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