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Why not you?

Sometimes I will ask a new client to identify her strengths. Most people include "intelligence" in the list of their top 5 best features. Fast forward a few sessions and we begin talking about goal-setting. Sometimes my clients will want to pursue something new, but will quickly follow up the dreamy description of their goal with a something like, "...but that's just a pipe dream," or "...but I could never do that." These are the same women who included intelligence in their list of strengths.

Here's the thing, even if you have absolutely NO experience in a new field, there are many people who have come before and figured it out. If you are smart, which we all know you are, you can figure it out! The internet has an almost unlimited amount of articles and videos, painstakingly outlining the exact steps that someone would need to take in order to succeed. There are probably a dozen people you can email to learn more from an actual person who has already achieved the thing you want. Whatever your newest ambition is, the old "I can't figure this out" excuse is not going to cut it. You are smart, and talented, and resourceful, so live your passion!

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